The African Network of Centres of Excellence in Electricity (ANCEE)

As part of its innovation strategy, APUA has set up a capacity building project for the electricity sector entitled: African Network of Centers of Excellence in Electricity (ANCEE).


The mission of ANCEE is to improve the performance of the African power sector and increase regional trade by strengthening the technical and managerial skills of power utility at all levels, as well as the governance of the sector. The main deliverables of the project are to:

  • Make the sector more attractive to investors
  • Improve the quality of electricity supply and services
  • Increase access to effective training and skills solutions tailored to local needs, and improve gender balance in the sector.

Strategic objectives

  • Support the development of training centers for electrical trades, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and diversified and complementary expertise
  • Develop knowledge on renewable energies
  • Facilitate the deployment of new technologies
  • Promote the professional development of women in the electrical industry
  • Support vocational training through a scholarship program.

Centers of Excellence

  • Eskom Academy of Learning (or EAL, an academy affiliated with Eskom, South Africa)
  • Center des Sciences et Techniques de l'Electricité (or CSTE, affiliated to the Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau - Branche Electricité, Morocco)
  • Institute of Training in Electricity and Gas (or IFEG, affiliated to SONELGAZ Group, Algeria)
  • Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (or KGRTC, the Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre affiliated with the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation, Zambia).
  • Center de Métiers de l'Electricité de Bingerville (or CME affiliated to CIE, Côte d’Ivoire)
  • NAPTIN and KANJI centers, Nigeria
  • MOKATTAM and ATC centers affiliated with EEHC, Egypt
  • Geothermal Training Center (or GTC affiliated to KENGEN, KENYA)
  • Center de Formation et de Perfectionnement de Khelidia (or CFPK affiliated to STEG, Tunisia)
  • VRA Academy affiliated with VRA, Ghana